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Ultra Sieve Midi

This  great bit of kit for your koi pond is ideal for those who wish to use a bead filter from their bottom drain, or from a converted skimmer With a maximum flow rate of 12,000lph this unit has a 300micron screen which will collect most particles coming from your pond. having a 110mm input, a 2"" BSP male thread on the output to the pump and waste, that is all you need to connect this small compact unit. We advise you use a rubber boot on the input as this unit is made from Polypropylene and is not ideal for glueing too. You have to pump from this unit so you cannot place another gravity filter after, there is around 150mm of water in the bottom after it has passed throught the screen. We have now fitted one of these to the skimmer line of our own pond and certainly recommend them. Size 74cm tall 27cm wide 56cm long Water level setting is 1cm from the top of the unit, so pond to water height is 73cm for the base under the unit.

Ultra Sieve Midi

Price: £795.00 Inc VAT

Sub Category: Sieves & Mechanical
Main Category: Filters and Filter Media

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