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EAzy Pod

______ A low priced smaller version of the Nexus EAzy. -Designed and created due to unprecedented demand -Very easy to install and operate -Quick and eazy cleaning cycle -Complete with adjustable rubber connectors (all pipework 3 inch) -Small filter only 23inches tall and wide. -Works equally well pump or gravity fed -Ideal as a complete filter on a quarantine system -Ideal for a skimmer, gravity or pump fed, giving mechanical and biological action. Max Flow rate 10,000lts/hr Ideal as a skimmer filter. Air pump required for cleaning Air-tech 70ltr (can be diverted to the pond when not cleaning) Contact us for more information NO moving K1 in this unit only static K1 for polishing.

EAzy Pod

Price: £395.00 Inc VAT

Sub Category: Nexus
Main Category: Filters and Filter Media

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