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2016- 50,000gallon Growing service (click to view original/full-size image)
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2016- 50,000gallon Growing service

Our price £175.00 |

We have this year limited spaces for this service
It will be first come first served for spaces.
Book your place now to avoid disappointment.

This service is for tosai bought on our April visit to Japan, and have a value over £550

This is a guaranteed service.

New Loyalty Scheme
We are pleased to announce our new "Automated" loyalty scheme.

When you order online, via phone or in the shop you will automatically receive on your loyalty points. For every £10 (after club discount) spent on dry goods OR Koi you will receive a single loyalty point. This point is then equivalant to £1 against a purchase of a Koi in the future. So if you spend £500 (after club discount) on dry goods you will gain £50 worth of points towards your next Koi Carp from Richdon Koi.