Opening Times

Tele-Sales (only):

Mon to Thu 9am to 2pm
01283 529176


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Ordering from our Japan pages – Spring 2014


To order from our Japan pages please click on the basket next to the koi you want, enter your credit card details (VERY SECURE), and the koi will be reserved. Once we have processed your credit card details the koi will then be marked as sold. On a rare occasion, if two people click on the basket very close together, the same koi can be purchased twice, in such an instance the first purchaser will be the owner of that koi and the second purchase will be notified and refunded.


You can phone our sales line on 01283 529176 between 9am and 5pm.

Some koi may have a video link indicated by a video symbol, this video will  show the quality of the koi you select even more clearly and helpyou to  make your choice.

We need FULL payment to reserve any koi, deposits are not accepted.

After the 30th March you to CANNOT cancel your order.
Once out of quarantine and ready for viewing we will accept a change in selection, but only within a specific window of time which will be announced upon our return from Japan. This will incur an administration fee of £50 per koi.

We ask that those koi that have been purchased but are not being kept with us to be grown should be collected by the middle of May. If any koi is left with us after this period will incur a weekly charge of £10

Tosai left with us this season will be on view for one day only in late April, date to be announced

Tosai over the value of £550 only qualify for the growing service in the 50,000gallon pond.


In the event of the koi being deemed unfit for sale whilst being grown at Richdon Koi we will give a full credit in POINTS to the value paid for each koi. This then can go towards any future purchase of a koi using our normal points to value system.
No refunds are offered.
No refund of the growing fee will be given.

In the event of a koi dying as a result of a natural disaster, malicious practice, or any other Force majeure occurrence, Richdon Koi will not be held responsible and no refund or credit will be given.
 If the koi does not turn out the way predicted then this is not the responsibility of Richdon Koi. 

By mid to late April we will be placing the koi pictures, details and video's onto our web site. The same policies apply to the above but with the normal ordering process as per our on line ordering of koi at present.

We will inform you when the koi will be appearing on our web site with more detailed pictures and individual videos where applicable.

We hope that you can understand and appreciate our policies.
If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us