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Richdon Koi News

Richdon News -March madness

 (posted: 02-03-2011)

Richdon Koi News March 2011

What's on this month:-

  • Double points this weekend in store
  • 100k koi placement
  • Dainichi Grow & Show deadline and selection date
  • Loyalty point amendment end of March
  • New Richdon Koi Products
  • Small koi release


Double Points this weekend - March 5th & 6th.

For this weekend only and the last time this year we are offering Double points on all purchases of koi and dry goods. We are offering this incredible offer as a one off offer to kick start your Spring.
Not only do we offer great prices for goods and koi we also offer our loyalty scheme as a thank you for your custom.
This offer is for in-store only for anyone visiting this weekend.

100k Placement weekend - March 12th & 13th.

Starting at 11am each day we will be placing into our specially built 100,000gallon growing pond nearly 100 very special koi.
These koi are ALL sold, but anyone is welcome to come along and watch this amazing event.

For those of you who are privileged to have a koi going into this pond PLEASE email me which day you can make it, either Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th
We will finish around 3pm each day depending on numbers of koi going in each day etc.

If you do have a koi going into the 100,000gallon pond and cannot make this weekend please let us know as this weekend is the only window we have for placing them in there, so please understand you will not be able to view your koi in a bowl until the autumn.

We have one place remaining for this facility and no doubt this will go this weekend.

Contact Richard on with your requests.

Dainichi Grow & Show- LAST CHANCE

These VERY special tosai have no but all gone with only a few remaining.
All kohaku reservations have gone so we only have Sanke and Showa remaining.

The closing date for this competition entry is Sunday 13th March 4pm.

We will then draw selections times on Sunday March 20th

The SELECTION date will be Saturday March 26th

If you have entered this competition then email me your top 5 koi and we will select the highest ranked koi from your selection at your specific time slot

These tosai have grown a lot since we hand selected them all in December, with most potentially being over 40cm upon collection after nearly 4months of growing in a special pond until July.

More details and purchase can be found HERE

Loyalty point ammendment please read

Due to the harsh exchange rate with the yen and our considerable lower margins we have to change the loyalty points system slightly as of the 1st of April 2011.

Any purchase of a koi using loyalty points up to 50% of the value of the koi, there will be NO further points gained from this purchase.
If you wish to purchase a koi and not use loyalty points after April 1st then you WILL gain points still.

From now until the end of March the scheme will remain the same, where points can be used up to 50% of the purchase of most koi and points are gained.

Loyalty point and dry goods are not effected you will still gain 1 point for every £10 spent to be used on koi purchases.

EMKC Winter Show

What a fantastic weekend we had on the 19th and 20th of February at the East Midlands Winter Show. Did you go? If not then you certainly missed one of the best if not THE best Koi Show of the year!
Richdon Koi is certainly proud of being the main sponsor at such a prestigious event, and overwhelmed at the prizes our customers won, with Young and Jumbo champion being supplied from us. Not forgetting the MANY other major prizes our happy customers won.

In all though a GREAT event for this wonderful hobby, bringing together hobbyists from all over the country to promote koi.

New products from Richdon Koi

If you visited the show last weekend you may of noticed some new products coming soon from Richdon Koi

We have our trickle/shower filter called 'Torrent' which with media and priced at only £595 is a great summer addition for some ponds.

We also have a new range of economy water purifiers for larger ponds to complete our own Refine range.

All of these will be on our website in the next couple of weeks, or you can see them in store.

Small koi release

This year we are releasing a smaller selection of our cheaper range of koi in the outside tanks later in the Spring

We intend to release these mid-May rather than early Easter. We find people with un-heated ponds normally buy these koi and it can still be too cold to transfer them to this type of pond.

With the welfare of the small koi in mind we have decided to release them later to safe guard the health of these koi.

We will inform you nearer the time.

Forum even busier

If you haven't visited our forum of late then you are certainly missing out.

It is certainly getting busier with friendly help not only from Richard but also other forum members and hobbyists.
If you have a question then ask away, PLEASE do not think any question is trivial
This forum is there to help your hobby with the right answers to save you time, money and above all enjoyment of this hobby.

Contact details

Phone 08450 702 704 (local rate) or 01283 529176 (from a mobile or local)

We have removed the option of sales and technical to avoid any further confusion.

If our lines are busy please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our phone lines are answered Monday to Thursday 9am till 4pm during the winter months
Then Saturday and Sunday 10am till 4pm

Visiting is now only weekends 10am till 4pm Saturday and Sunday.
Weekdays are appointment only with at least one weeks notice but we are still closed on Friday's.

We are here to help and improve your hobby

The Richdon Koi Team.


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