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September Newsletter 2009

 (posted: 14-09-2009)


  1. 10% Members discount online until Thursday noon
  2. A one off Richdon Koi Auction this Sunday 11am
  3. The Richdon Koi 50k harvest Saturday 26th September 11am
  4. Richdon Koi’s 2009 Autumn trip to Japan
  5. 2008 Dainichi Grow & Show pictures with number and size
  6. Show your support for us, Vote Richdon Koi again
  7. Which food this winter?
  8. Cover your pond this winter- don’t leave it too late.

1- For this week ONLY we are offering 10% members discount online.
 Grab this unique chance to order from your home for next day delivery on most goods in stock. This offer ends 12pm Thursday 17th of September. Viewing starts at 10am the auction starts at 11am prompt. (Orders made before 12noon will be shipped for nextday delivery as usual)

2- This coming Sunday we intend to hold a ‘one off’ Koi Auction.
This Sunday at 11am we will be holding a 'one off' Koi Auction.
Many koi will have very low reserves or even no reserve. Nearly all koi have NEVER been seen before so a special weekend to grab yourself a bargain. Viewing starts at 10am the auction starts at 11am prompt. VAT is included in the sale price. No points or members discount apply to this event.

3- One of Richdon Koi’s main events is nearly here.
This is one NOT to miss!
Our 50,000gallon 1 year old harvest will take place on Saturday 26th September at 11am. For those who have koi growing on in this pond, this is one special weekend. For those who are interested in this service in the coming years then you are welcome to come along and see the results for yourself. Some koi are already well over 55cm and yes ONLY just over one year old.
Please remember most koi were placed into this specially designed growing pond in late May, June or July, with most koi growning beyond our expectations this year. This we put down to down to the maturity of the pond and our new growth food formulation.
Tea, coffee and some light refreshments will be made available on the day.
Please follow our bio-security procedures and signs to this event.

4-  Were off to Japan again....
On October 10th we are off to Japan to re-stock our fish house with Nisai and older koi. Follow our daily events either on our Japan pages, or follow hobbyist’s daily dairies on our forum
IF you are looking for that special koi this autumn then look no further than Richdon Koi. We can find you that special koi within reason this autumn. Don’t worry if you are not heated you are not going to miss out this year, we will keep any koi purchased from our Autumn stocks over winter for a small fee of £25 in our new 10,000gallon isolated holding pond.
More details of this service and event will be in our next newsletter in a couple of weeks. So if you are looking for that special koi this autumn please email us on with the variety, price range, size. Please be realistic with your requests and we will endeavour to find that special koi for you with a significant saving. We will be posting all our autumn purchases on our Japan pages along with video’s for you to consider that special koi again with significant savings.

5- 2008 Dainichi Grow & Show pictures are required as soon as possible!
We only have a few of these pictures so if you wish to enter you koi you need to have a picture (No more than 500k) 600 x 800 sent to me along with the GS (Grow and show number) and size. These pictures need to be with me by Wed 30th September in order for me to take these pictures to Japan for Dainichi to judge and pick a winner. Any entries later than the deadline will not be entered, so PLEASE get them to me as soon as possible.

Please show your continued support for Richdon Koi.
In return for all the advice, help and support we have given you over the years please show your appriecation for Richdon Koi and our products by voting online at

7 Which food this winter?
If you are heated and down to 11c then for sure our Nutrikoi performance is our main food choice, although Nutrikoi wheatgerm can be fed at any temperature above 5c. If you are already not using our food range then why not join the thousands who do? Our food is especially formulated for any type of filtration and koi pond. Especially for optimum koi transition, low cost, and specifically low waste. You will find it very difficult to find a better koi food in the UK!

8 Cover your pond!
If you need a pond cover this winter, why not order your Aquosis cover before it gets too cold? Please email Donna with your specifics on Or why not cover your pond with Polycarb at crazy low prices , mention Richdon Koi each time you enquire or order from them! These are the only two methods we recommend to give maximum insulation this winter and to keep those heating bills down, or if not heated to keep those temperatures up!

Opening times for visiting:-
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm
If you require some dry goods during the week and wish to visit
give us a call first.
Our fish house remains CLOSED during the week, to allow our koi to rest after busy weekends.

Saturday to Thursday 9am till 5pm
CLOSED Friday's
Local rate 08450 702704 (
You are NOT charged a premium rate for this call)
Local/Mobile 01283 529176

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