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Richdon Koi News

New Loyalty scheme

 (posted: 27-10-2007)

Dear Member

We are pleased to announce our new loyalty scheme.

When you order online, via phone or in the shop you will receive on your loyalty points

For every £10 (after club discount) spent on dry goods OR koi you will receive a single loyalty point

This point is then equivalant to £1 against a purchase of a koi in the future. So if you spend £500 (after club discount) on dry goods you will gain £50 worth of points towards your next koi from Richdon Koi.

These points are NONE refundable nor can be used against dry goods purchases.

This system at present is a manual one, but within time for our trip to Japan we intend it to be fully automated, with login access to see how many points you have

We have formed this scheme as a thank you to the 1000's of customers we have who use our services and are loyal to Richdon Koi. Also as a massive incentive for you to take advantage of being a Richdon Koi Club member for your future purchases, and to consider Richdon Koi every time you either want goods or that special koi.

When visiting our shop you will recieve a membership card to show each time you visit in the future.
When ordering online we will make a note of your loyalty points.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate and contact us.

Richdon Koi Card Scheme Terms and Conditions

The Richdon Koi Card Scheme Terms & Conditions are detailed below, including our new Data Protection statement. If you have any questions about these Richdon Koi card Terms & Conditions please contact us. The use of the Richdon Koi card indicates the users agreement to these terms and conditions.

Data Protection Statement

We would like to use your details from your online or in shop registration of Richdon Koi Club membership, plus details on how you use your Richdon Koi Card  and what you buy from us, to:

    * Help manage the Richdon Koi Card Scheme and improve the way we run it
    * Understand our customers' shopping habits to improve our service
    * Unless you indicate otherwise, contact you with offers and information about products and services of interest to you.

We will not share your details with any other companies or bodies, except as we may be required to do so by law.

We may also use information relating to groups of customers, without identifying individuals, to find ways of enhancing our service.

The Scheme

   1. The Richdon Koi card is issued by and remains the property of Richdon Koi which reserves the right, at any time without notice, to:
(a) terminate the scheme;
(b) decline to issue Richdon Koi Cards; and
(c) on reasonable grounds, withdraw or cancel Richdon Koi cards or points collected, or alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Richdon Koi Card scheme;

Reasonable grounds include (but are not limited to)
(i) any abuse or attempted abuse of the scheme, or
(ii) any use or attempted use of a Richdon Koi card or points in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions or
(iii) any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a member in connection with the scheme.

   2. All participants in the Richdon Koi card scheme must be resident in the UK and aged 18 years or over.
   3. The Richdon Koi card is not transferable, and can only be used by the person who has registered to use it. Richdon Koi cards may be used by any member of the main card holder's immediate family who is resident at the same address, as registered for the main Richdon card holder.
   4. Members may be removed from the scheme at any time at the discretion of Richdon Koi.
   5. Your Richdon Koi card can only be used at Richdon Koi. Your Richdon Koi card cannot be used as a credit card or a guarantee card.
   6. The Richdon Koi card is only for personal and consumer use. Richdon Koi card Points cannot be transferred, sold or in any way traded.
   7. Your Richdon Koi card cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business.
   8. Richdon Koi cards remain the responsibility of the main Richdon Koi card holder.


   9. To collect points for a transaction in-store, your Richdon Koi card or Richdon Koi number must be provided at the point of payment. To collect points on online purchases, you will be required to quote your Richdon Koi number during the check out process. 
  10. Points will not be given for purchases of Gift Vouchers. Other products may also be excluded from the scheme at the discretion of Richdon Koi.
  11. You must spend at least £10 in a single transaction for the transaction to qualify for points. Points are awarded on the actual amount spent. One point  will be awarded for every complete £10 that is spent. This can be altered at the discretion of Richdon Koi.
  12. Richdon Koi shall be entitled to set a limit on the number of points which may be awarded to each Richdon Koi Card account in respect of special  promotional items on which additional points may be awarded.
  13. Richdon Koi shall be entitled at any time to cancel points awarded if the relevant products to which such award relates are returned or cancelled for  any reason and a refund of the purchase price is given or if the relevant products are exchanged for other products, unless such exchange is for products  with an equivalent points value. Where the relevant products are exchanged for products of a lower points value Richdon Koi shall be entitled to cancel the  balance of points between those originally collected and those collected in respect of the replacement products.
  14. The current redemption value of points is one point equals £1. Richdon Koi reserves the right to vary the rate at any time.
  15. Points earned will be recorded by Richdon Koi for the Richdon Koi card account.

  16. Points can only be redeemed against purchases of koi, and not any other goods or services. Richdon Koi reserves the right to alter what points can be  redeemed against at their sole discretion.
  17. Richdon Koi card scheme terms and conditions may be found at [insert link to these conditions]


  18. The promoter of Richdon Koi card is Richdon Koi, Richdon Koi, Spring Farm Cottage, Rosliston Road, Drakelow, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE15 9UF

Produced for Richdon Koi by Clive Pepper.

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