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Welcome to Koi Help. This Koi forum was setup in 1999 by Richard & Donna of Richdon Koi to provide an online meeting place for koi enthusiasts and hobbyists around the world. With an ever growing membership it has become an essential source of advice and help for people who are fascinated by the beauty and tranquility of Japanese Koi.

Within the forum you can ask about pond construction, filters, koi health, equipment, blanketweed, oriental plants, bonsai, water chemistry, water temperature or koi food. Ask a question and you could have an answer within minutes. It's not only Koi... in fact you can chat about anything you like, with friendly, like minded people around the country and abroad, who range from experienced koi keepers and judges to newcomers willing to learn as much as possible about the hobby.

This forum is for Richdon Koi Club members only and your email address is hidden from other users to help prevent the risk of unsolicited spam emails. It is also a non dealer forum, and although Richdon Koi posts with advice, the opinions he gives are unbiased and not aimed at advertising dealer's products.

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3. Wait for your account to be activated... You are then free to browse the discussions, chat or search the archives. When you feel ready, just ask a question and wait for the response. It could save you making expensive mistakes or worse... losing your Koi.

Inside you will find...

General discussions General discussions
General Koi information, questions, thoughts & chatting.
Members' koi and ponds Members' koi and ponds
Members show and discuss their Koi and ponds.
Plant advice Plant advice
Advice about plants and gardening around ponds.
Koi health advice Koi health advice
Koi health ideas, advice and questions.
Hints & tips Hints & tips
Any ideas or tips, to pass on to fellow koi keepers.
For sale and wanted For sale and wanted
Sell or buy unwanted Koi related goods.
A forum for a bit of clean fun. To brighten up the days.

We hope you take the time to join us and hopefully we'll see you in Koi Help very soon.

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