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About Us

Richdon Koi was founded in November '99 by Richard & Donna Jones.

We are based near Rosliston, Derbyshire, UK.

Our story starts with us finding a source of Koi from Japan after frusttrating times with local dealers. After sourcing these koi and selling them to a local koi club the response and quality of koi we acquired were beyond all expectations.  As soon as the koi arrived they were sold.

After adequate quarantine our customers then took them home, something Richdon koi has been built on.

about1This was the start of our hobby becoming a business.

With repeat business and new customers arriving from recommendations each weekend, we began to realise that we were very lucky indeed to enjoy this fantastic hobby, meet new people, and also build a business.

Our facilities at Oak Close, Castle Gresley grew every month into a comprehensive quarantine, growing on, dry goods, and koi sales facility...

Not only did we offer top quality koi and dry goods, but also the best chat & cuppa around.

We soon started to out grow the Oak Close facilities and started to look for a property with enough land to expand our service with the aim of being the premier koi and dry goods supplier in the UK.

In 2003 we bought a 95 year old farm house, complete with steel cattle shed and it’s own water well.

Our new facility is up and running, inspected by the local authorities, authorised by CEFAS and now well established.

about3We also supply most dry goods, all the Kusuri range, filters, pumps etc, but High Grade Koi is our main concern. Our very own designed aerated bottom drain. Bio-Max Bead filter range and our very popular Nutrikoi koi food range.

The cattle shed was converted into a 37500 gallon Japanese style fish, while an existing building became the dry goods facility.

Since those early days, we have built our own personal pond of 27500 gallons, with underground filter house,

An isolated quarantine facility consisting of 12 ponds which in total equate to 48,000gallons of water.

Richdon Koi prides itself on being one of the front runners of the koi industry in the Uk, not only for our quality service, but also for our very high standards in customer care.

In 2008 Richdon Koi Farm our Sister company was born which takes over the importation, quarantine and then growing of koi. See our website to see more about our amazing growing facilities with over 160,000gallons of indoor growing ponds.


We welcome you to visit Richdon Koi and experience the warm welcome, cups of tea and, of course, the beautiful koi.img_2663_400_01

We hope to see you soon.

The Richdon Koi team.