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Welcome to Richdon Koi

Richard and Donna at Richdon Koi have many years experience with Koi Carp and the tools and equipment to maintain a healthy environment for your fish.

Since our move to Wales our new opening hours are Saturday to Thursday 10am till 4pm CLOSED Fridays, and we are now Mail Order Only.

All Sub Categories

Nutrikoi Range

Range of foods from Richdon Koi

Parasite Control

Water Additives for Parasite Control

Electronic Testing

Electronic Testing Equipment.Ideal for accurate water parameter tests

Filter Media

Media for filters Support for media

Air Pumps

Airtech Hi Blow Rubber boots & Clips / Manifolds

1" Pipework

1" pipework & fittings

Gas & Oil

Heat exchangers Digi-stats Probes


Microscopes Slides Covers Lights

Bio-Max Bead Filters

The Richdon Koi bead filter range.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps


Switches, junction boxes

Bacterial Additives

Water Additives to aid bacterial problems.

Tablet, droplet or dip test

Test kits, individual tests

Sieves & Mechanical

Sieves & Mechanical:-Ultra Sieve II, Compact Sieve, TMC Hidroclean, EA Sieve


Filter Brushes

Air line & pipe

Airline 6mm to 3/4"Airpipe 1"Air taps

1.5" Pipework

1.5" Pressure pipework & Fittings

Electric Heating

Heating By Electric

Medical equipment

Wound Management Swabs and Ulcer kits

Air diffusers, Air-stones, Venturi

Aquafuser Airstones Venturi

2" Pipework

2" Pressure pipework & Fittings

Virkon S Aquatic

Virkon S, to aid your ponds health

3" Pipework

3" Pressure pipework & Fittings

Clays & Izeki Products

Kusuri Clay & the Izeki range of water conditioners.

4" Pipework

4" Pressure pipework & Fittings

Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots ideal, for repairs or temporary fixtures.

Drum Filters

Oase Profi Drum filterWe consider these to be the best value on the market at present


30w to 110w Uv units, tubes and Quartz\'s

Drains, Skimmers & Windows

Bottom drains, skimmers, returns and window frames

Filter Start and conditioners.

Bacteria additives to aid or start a filter, or buffer the water

Reducers & unique pressure fittings

Reducers Pipe-clips End Caps Unique fittings


Slide and ball valves

Blanket weed Control

Water additives for the control of Blanket weed

Sealers & Glue

Aquarium Silicone, Polyflex, and solvent glues

Flexi pipe

1/2" to 1.5" flexi pipe, hosetails and clips.

Other Foods

KusuriSilk Worm Pupae

Water Purifiers & RO units

Water purification & RO units from Refine WaterPurity On TapUnits and replacement cartridges

Nets and Handling

Nets, koi socks and bowls


Nexus Filters, Answers, upgrades and components

Superfish Pumps

Superfish Pumps

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Enquiries: Saturday to Thursday 10am till 4pm CLOSED Fridays Tel: 01283 529176
Richdon Kio Online Shop Koi Carp Supplies
Richdon Koi Carp Supplies
Tel: 01283 529176

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Fish Foods Conditioners and Parasites Treatment Drains, Pipework etc...
Filters and Filter Media Test Kits Electric Pond Pump and UV
Handling and Medical Gift Vouchers

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