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NutriKoi Seasons 15kg 6mm***NEW***
Koi have quite strict requirements for lipids, fibre, minerals, vitamins and protein. Some ingredients will supply essential lipids, fibre, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, but alone, lack the required levels that are needed for Koi.
In fact, the presence of certain excess Amino acids can have detrimental effects on the rate o...
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Our Price - £76.50     Members' Price - £72.68

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NutriKoi Growth 6mm 2kg
NutriKoi Growth 6mm 2kg

Nutrikoi growth -New formula

Ideal for growing koi in higher temperatures 18c+
This 45% protein food has been found to give the best results.

Also ok for larger koi if mixed with other foods in...
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Our Price - £23.95  |  Members' Price - £22.75

Nutrikoi Silk 15kg
Nutrikoi Silk 15kg

NutriKoi Silk- is a very special recipe including 20% Silkworm Pupae.

Silkworm protein is acknowledged by Japanese breeders as the ultimate ingredient for feeding and ...
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Our Price - £105.00  |  Members' Price - £99.75

New Loyalty Scheme
We are pleased to announce our new "Automated" loyalty scheme.

When you order online, via phone or in the shop you will automatically receive on your loyalty points. For every £10 (after club discount) spent on dry goods OR Koi you will receive a single loyalty point. This point is then equivalant to £1 against a purchase of a Koi in the future. So if you spend £500 (after club discount) on dry goods you will gain £50 worth of points towards your next Koi Carp from Richdon Koi.
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